Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

On your reservation our travel conditions will be applicable.

We are a member of the Dutch travel organisation SGR which guarantees your money is in safe hands.

Acceptance of the booking confirmation or payment of the deposit means that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions, all other conditions from the suppliers and airlines, and the terms of the SGR.

Why SGR?
Never book your holiday through an agency which isn't part of SGR (Stichting Garantiefonds reisgelden).

Imagine you booked your holiday and you are ready to go, but then the organisation where you booked your trip gets into financial trouble or might even go bankrupt. There goes your holiday and the money you paid! Don't even want to think about the possibility that something like that happens? Make sure you book through an agency that is part of SGR, like South Africa Specialist, to ensure your holiday money is safe.

SGR is the Dutch guarantee fund for prepaid travel money, founded in 1983. SGR is a founding member of EGFATT, the European Guarantee Fund Association for Travel and Tourism.

SGR protects consumers against financial loss in case their tour operator or travel agent ceases its operations due to its financial failure, based on the European Directive (EU) 2015/2302 on packaged travel and linked travel arrangements and the Dutch Civil Code (articles 7:500 et seq.).

Under its guarantee scheme, SGR covers packaged travel, accommodation booked separately and transport booked separately (except airline tickets booked separately).

SGR covers all consumers who have booked (directly or through a travel agent) with a company participating in SGR, irrespective of their place of residence.

SGR's solvency
The financial guarantee provided by SGR is secured as follows:
1. The equity of SGR itself (the guarantee fund) is substantial 2. Bank guarantees provided by the companies which participate in SGR.

Because South Africa Specialist is part of the SGR, we have to meet strict (financial) requirements. You can find our registration on the SGR website under 'Zuid-Afrika Specialist', our SGR registration number is 3213 (https://www.sgr.nl/guaranteescheme). No financial risk for you as a customer, at no extra cost.

Article 1:

1.      In these travel conditions we mean by ZAS: Camper Specialist, Camper South Africa, Zuid-Afrika Travel, Zuid-Afrika Specialist & South Africa Specialist.

With traveller we mean the person for whom the trip was arranged and which has been paid.

Article 2: Information from ZAS

1.      One of the travel agreements of ZAS is that the traveller needs to have travel insurance and also requires proof of this insurance through the details of the insurance company and policy numbers.

Article 3: Information provided by the traveller

1.      The traveller needs to provide ZAS with all relevant information concerning him and the other notified travellers. This needs to be done - at latest - at the closure of the agreement.

2.      In particular, the traveller and his other notified traveller needs to provide ZAS information concerning their physical and/or mental condition as physical and/or mental condition may result in possible discomfort, danger or risks for the traveller, other passengers or third-party property.

Article 5: Realization and content of the agreement


a.       The agreement is established the moment the traveller decides to accept the proposal created by ZAS including the terms and conditions. After accepting the proposal the traveller receives an email with the confirmation and/or invoice.

b.      The traveller is aware of the information provided by ZAS before acceptance of the proposal and the terms and conditions have been noted. By confirming the booking by ZAS the client is bound to this agreement.

2.      The offer of ZAS is commitment free and, if necessary, can be revoked by ZAS. Revocation due to correction of errors in the calculation of the amount or any other errors, are permitted. The revocation must be done as soon as possible, but before 16h00 on the 5th working day after the date of acceptance and reasons should have been given. In that case the traveller will be entitled to a refund of the already paid amount.

3.      Obvious errors and mistakes are not binding. Such errors and mistakes - from the perspective of the traveller - are at first glance known or should be known.

4.      ZAS cancellation due to low participation. ZAS has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the number is less than the required minimum. The required minimum needs to be stated clearly in the proposal.

Article 6: Payment

1.      At the moment of booking a deposit of the total agreed amount needs to be paid. This means that flights, (4 x 4) camper trips, campsites and activities must be paid 100% in advance. For other travel components 25% must be paid in advance.

2.      The rest payment of the total amount must be paid eight weeks before the day of departure and in possession of ZAS.  For late payment, the traveller is in default. The traveller will receive an email and still has the possibility to pay the outstanding amount within 7 working days. If no payment is made, the contract is deemed to be cancelled on the day of default. ZAS has the right to charge cancellation costs.

3.      If the agreement within eight weeks before the day of departure is established the total amount of the booking needs to be paid.


Article 7: Total sum

1.      The published rates are per person, unless stated otherwise. This included the services and facilities mentioned in the proposal, whether or not specified in various costs elements, including the additional costs the travellers needs to pay for the services offered.

Additional costs are the costs linked to the service offered. The costs which are not covered are services provided at the request of the traveller by ZAS or third parties, such as insurance premiums and booking fees.

2.      The published rate is based on prices, levies and tax as known by ZAS at the time of publication.

Article 8: Amendment of the total sum

1.      ZAS is entitled to increase the sum associated with changes in the fare (including transport and fuel costs), taxes, exchange rate or more than 10% external charges. ZAS will indicate how the increase is calculated.

Article 9: "Reisbescheiden" and necessary travel documents of the traveller

1.      ZAS will send the required travel documents no later than 10 days before the day of departure unless there is a reason the tour operator cannot handle to this request.

2.      If the traveller did not receive "de reisbescheiden" (voucher) by 5 working days before departure, the traveller must notify the tour operator.

3.      If a trip is booked within 10 days before the day of departure ZAS will let the traveller know when and how the required travel documents will be send.

4.      The traveller is responsible for all the necessary documents, including a valid passport and any required visa, proof of vaccinations and driver's license. If the traveller cannot travel due to the lack of any (valid) document, this and all the resulting consequences are for the account of the traveller.

Article 12: Cancellation by the traveller:

1. Standard cancellation fees

When a contract will be cancelled, the ZAS traveller will be charged the following (in addition to any other booking fees):

    Cancellation up to the 42nd day (exclusive) before the day of departure: the deposit;
    Cancellation up to the 42nd day (inclusive) up to the 28th day (exclusive) before the day of departure: 70% of the total amount;
    Cancellation up to the 28th day (inclusive) up to the day of departure or later: 100% of the total amount.

b. If a trip is made out of several components with different cancellation policies there are to each part specific provisions applicable.

c. The cancellation fee of National Parks, all flights and campsites are: cancellation from the first day 100% (day of booking).

2. Partial cancellation

a. If one of the fellow travellers decides to cancel their part of the trip for a joint stay in a hotel, apartment, holiday house, campsite or any other accommodation, this person needs to pay the cancellation fee.

b. If the size of the group as listed in the proposal changes and the current amount of people is different than stated in the proposal, ZAS will create an amended proposal for the remaining traveller(s) for the same period and the same/similar accommodation, campsite, camper etc.

c. For the remaining travellers the price will be changed accordingly as per the pricing table. For the revised amount they will pay by the normal rules.

d. If the revised proposal is not possible or won't be accepted, the agreement of all travellers will be cancelled and all travellers need to pay the cancellation fee.

e. The total amount of the cancellation fee and revised amount will never exceed the total amount of the original travellers. Any surplus will be deducted from the revised amount.

3. Less damage

The traveller, who decides to cancel the trip, is obliged to pay the cancellation fee even if the damage is lower. Damage also includes loss and loss profit.

4. Cancellations outside office hours are deemed to have been made on the next working day.

5. In the event of no cancellation, but the traveller would like to replace themselves with another person.

Article 13: Cancellation by ZAS

1.      ZAS has the right to terminate the contract due to serious conditions.

2.      Compelling circumstances mean circumstances of such nature that no further commitment of ZAS can be expected.


3.      If the case of the cancellation can be attributable to the traveller, the resulted damage will be on behalf of the traveller.

4.      If the case of the cancellation can be attributable to ZAS, the resulted damage will be on account of ZAS. Whether this is the case is determined on the basis on article 15.

In the case of the cancellation where nor the passenger nor ZAS can be allocated, each party bears its own damages as specified in article 16.

Article 14: Changes by ZAS


a.       ZAS has the right to change the agreed service due to significant circumstances as specified in article 13. ZAS needs to inform the client about the amendments within 3 calendar days of the change by email.

b.      If the change has one or more substantial points the traveller may reject the change(s).

c.       If the change has one or more non-substantial points the traveller can only reject the amendment if the change has a disadvantage of more than negligible


a. In case of change ZAS can offer the traveller an alternative if possible. This needs to be done within 3 calendar days after ZAS has been informed about the change.

b. The alternative offer must be at least equivalent. The equivalent of the accommodations will be evaluated to objective standards:

* The location of the accommodation and destination
* The grade of the accommodation
* The facilities of the accommodation

With the evaluation the following should be considered:
* The structure of the group
* The characteristics that are important to the traveller and were confirmed in written
* The by the traveller required deviations or adjustments which are approved in written by ZAS

3. a. The traveller who makes use of the amendment or alternative offer has to confirm within 3 calendar days. From 10 days before departure 1 calendar day will be applicable.

b. If the traveller decides to reject the alternative offer, ZAS has the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect. This needs to be done 3 working days after rejection by the traveller.

In this case the traveller has the right to receive back the paid amount within 2 weeks.

    When the period from part 1, 2 or 3 of this article falls within a Public holiday or on a Sunday the period will be extended until the following working day 12h00.
    When the cause of the change can be attributed to ZAS, the damage will be for the account of ZAS. If this is the case, that needs to be determined with help of article 15.
    If, after the trip has been confirmed, an important part of the services cannot be  granted, ZAS should make sure that alternative arrangements has been made (for involving costs please see article 16). When these arrangements are not possible ZAS will arrange (if applicable) an equal mode of transport that will bring the traveller back to their location of departure (for costs please see article 16).
    ZAS is responsible to let the traveller know about the changes made before date of departure. This is only applicable for the traveller who has a return trip booked with ZAS, not the ones who only booked transport and/or where the address is unknown.