Terms and Conditions ZC


·         The hirer will be responsible for and shall look after / maintain the vehicle and its contents for the duration of the rental.

·         Although each vehicle is serviced regularly, problems can occur.  Should the hirer have repairs done on the vehicle, Zebra Camper Hire needs to be notified.  Depending on the nature of the repair, the hirer will be refunded on presentation of an invoice (details of supplier to be noted on invoice).  No refunds will be entertained without and invoice.

·         In the event of a breakdown, Zebra Camper Hire reserves the right to an independent report to determine if the breakdown occurred due to incorrect handling of the vehicle, clutch, etc. and / or driver negligence / abuse.  Should it be determined that the hirer was at fault, the hirer will be liable for all costs related to the breakdown and / or recovery of the vehicle.  This also applies in the event of an accident.

·         Zebra Camper Hire will attempt to resolve any breakdown as fast as is possible, but sometimes due to availability of spares, distance, etc. it can take a little longer.  Due to this, Zebra Camper Hire has 24 hours from notification of the breakdown to resolve the situation before any refunds for lost time will be considered.  The refund for lost time only applies if the breakdown was not caused by an accident, negligence, improper handling of the vehicle, etc.

·         During the handing over of the vehicle, the fridge / freezer, gas cooker and airconditioner are demonstrated to the hirer to be in working order.  Zebra Camper Hire does not accept liability for any of these units malfunctioning during the duration of the rental.  No refunds are considered should any of the abovementioned malfunction.

·         On signing of the contract, the hirer acknowledges that he / she is hiring a camper / touring car.  This is the sole purpose of a Zebra Camper Hire vehicle.  Should the vehicle be used for any other purpose, the hirer will be fully liable to Zebra Camper Hire for all damages or losses incurred.  This also applies in the event that the hirer fails to comply with any safety and / or maintenance procedures.

·         The hirer will be using the vehicle at his / her own risk.  Should the hirer suffer any loss / damage through any cause whatsoever, the hirer shall have no claim against Zebra Camper Hire. 

·         Driving at night is not recommended.  This is due to the number of animals and pot-holes on the roads.

·         The hirer will be responsible for all traffic fines incurred on the vehicle for the duration of the hirer’s rental.