Terms and Conditions AT


Minimum rental period is 5 days (unless specifically agreed otherwise).

The vehicle will be supplied with full fuel tanks; you will be required to return the vehicle with full fuel tanks. Should the renter wish to extend the rental period, we require 72 hours notice of such intention.

Weekends / Public holidays - by appointment only.Drop-off and collection available in all major centres in Southern Africa by special arrangement.

A valid unendorsed driver's license (international license preferred).The minimum age is 25 and the maximum age 69. No other persons other than those who have signed the agreement may drive the vehicle.

Under no circumstances will the driver drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The driver or hirer is responsible for all traffic violations during the full rental period. The drivers of the hired vehicle will need to demonstrate their competence at driving such a vehicle, both on and off-road. The decision of the representative is final as to whether the driver's are sufficiently skilled to handle such a motor vehicle. We reserve the right not to hire out such a vehicle. The hirer has been informed about the risks of 4x4 vehicles and its behavioral characteristics.

All vehicles are fully comprehensively insured and includes collision damage and theft waiver. The renter/driver is only liable for the applicable excess for the vehicle in case of any damage or loss of vehicle or parts thereof. The renter/driver is still liable for futher damage to the vehicle or its equipment if caused by negligence, abuse, road conditions not suitable for the vehicle,  or areas disallowed, unless prior written permission is obtained, by an unauthorized driver or where the renter/driver is in breach of any of the conditions of the rental agreement.

All extra equipment hired such as rooftop tents, pots, pans, tents, table, chairs, crockery, cutlery and other loose items are not covered by insurance and you will be held liable for loss or damage to the extra equipment.

The renter/driver will be liable for damage to windscreen, windows, lights, and damage/loss of tyres. If the vehicle is rolled, a double excess will apply. Recovery of a damaged (other than mechanical errors or mechanical failure) vehicle back to the depot in South African will be for the renters account. All damages caused by driver/s would be deducted from the insurance excess. All damages not covered by the insurance company are for the hirers account. Report from dealership or garage service manager on cause of damage or breakdown will be taken as final.

The hirer is liable for the full rental period, notwithstanding the vehicle being rendered unusable as a result of an accident or a mechanical breakdown or if the vehicle is returned early.

In order to validate insurance, accidents, damage, or theft must be reported to the police station and the lessor within 24 hours. In the event of an accident the other parties details will be required. The hirer is not to claim responsibility in a statement. In the event of an accident a replacement vehicle will only be supplied at the discretion of the lessor. The hirer is responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle during the rental period and must regular check; water, battery, oil levels, tyre pressure, wheel conditions, wheel nuts or bolts, axles, lights, windscreen, roof rack, rooftop tent and gas bottle. Insurance does not cover personal items or travel insurance.

The vehicles may only travel on designated roads and tracks.  No bundu-bashing permitted or entry into unauthorized areas.  The vehicles may not be used in any competitive events.  Driving on beaches is strictly prohibited. Vehicles may enter South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho and Swaziland. Other countries such as Angola, Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi require further documentation and permission (see authority letter). The vehicle is not allowed to enter Angola unless otherwise specified in the letter of authority. All vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking.

The Hirer undertakes to return the Vehicle together with the accessories and equipment in the same condition and or working order as when received. Any type of damage will be deducted from the excess deposit, unless it is due to mechanical malfunction or fair wear and tear. Tyres are for the Hirer's account, irrespective of the reason for the loss of the Tyre. Replacement tyres must be the same make and size. No sidewall plugs will be accepted as they are unsafe. Only two windscreen chips smaller than a 20c piece will be accepted. The Hirer consents to the jurisdiction of South African law and further consents to the Magistrates court jurisdiction in respect of any action instituted by us in connection with this agreement and agree that we may at our discretion institute action in any High Court division in South Africa having jurisdiction, to which jurisdiction you consent.

Repairs up to R1000.00 may be affected without authorization, all documentation to be kept for re-imbursement purposes. All repairs over R1000.00 require approval. Damage to clutch and gearbox is for clients own account.