General information

Search and book with Camper South Africa!

We offer customized tours and fully organized camper tours. We can be of service to every camper holiday to South Africa and/or its neighbouring countries and can also offer additional packages such as safari packages, tours and other accommodation.

The camper tours on our website, we offer as a service to our customers who have booked a camper with us. During certain times of the year it is difficult to make a camping booking, for example during holiday season or if you are late to organise your camper trip. We will offer alternative camping sites when the published site is no longer available. If even an alternative camp site is not possible, we will offer you accommodation that fits within your budget and itinerary.

Booking of camping sites is time consuming, camp sites answer their email and phone infrequently, the information on their websites is not always accurate and to ensure a reservation it must be paid immediately. So let us assist you with this to make this process as smoothly as possible.

We propose the provision of the above services as a condition that the camper booked with us before we can get to work for you. Should this not be the case we ask for an administration, consulting and organizational fee of 100 Euros. We will organise everything for you and your fee will be deducted after you have booked your camper with us. Please make sure you have a flexible approach regarding your itinerary in case of any unforeseen circumstances and we will try our utmost to meet your requirements

We choose in general the more luxurious camping sites with at least three or more stars if it is a regular camper. If the camping site has no stars, we look at our customer experiences and assess the quality of the site on the basis of available information. We charge our actual cost to you, these amounts on average about 10-20%. For a price of a camping site please check the website consult. This website is not up to date! To get an idea of the prices you can also check out the tours we have put on our website as a guideline.

For travel by 4x4 campers we choose the more basic camp sites, which qua nature and location are perfect for an adventurous 4x4 camper holiday. This means that sometimes the camp site lacks electricity and sanitation can be poor or non-existent, but that makes this adventure camper holiday a real bush challenge!

On our site you will find information about our various campers that you can rent, if you want more information please email.  

Below is more general information that applies to all (4 x 4) Campers:

On all our campers the lowest price guarantee applies.


The prices for petrol and diesel are about 2/3 of the price in the Netherlands and Belgium. Diesel campers drive more efficient than petrol campers. However, most (4 x 4) campers run on diesel.

1:8 is an average that applies to most of the campers.

Jerry Cans

It is possible to rent jerrycans. However, this is quite expensive. It would be a lot cheaper if you buy the jerrycans yourself. This can be done at many different places around R 200.


It is not allowed to park/camp in Wildlife/National Parks in South Africa. There are specially designed restcamps or campsites in the area where you can camp overnight.

Please note: some campsites charge a fee per persoon per night and other sites by site with an additional charge per persoon. There is a huge difference in campsites and rates. Please contact us for more information or have a look onto our website.
The price is about € 10 per persoon per night.

We can make you a camping proposal once you decided to book the camper via us.

Please note: For many National Park and Game Reserves a conservation fee will be charged which is seperate from the campsite fees. The conservation fees you can pay upon arrival. Do you plan to visit serval National Park it is recommended to order a Wild Card. For more information please click here

Credit card

For renting a (4 x 4) camper you need a creditcard.

Your creditcard will be used to hedge the risk which is not covered by the insurance of the camper. This means that the excess amount will be blocked on your creditcard. Make sure your creditcard has enough limit. If not, you can ask your creditcard company to increase the amount temporarily. You can also make a deposit on your creditcard in order to increase your available credit.

Cross border

If you would like to cross borders with your (4 x 4) camper a cross border fee needs to be paid. This fee can be different for each camper. We will mention this amount on our website and in our orders. These costs are once off no matter how many countries you visit (within the allowed countries).

Within South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland are official border countries.

For Mozambique you need to arrange your visa in advance. It is no longer possible to get a visa at the border.


Depending on the type of the motor, there is an inverter available. If you need 220v is it necessary that you are connected to a power point. 

Sheets, pillowcases, blankets, duvets with covers and towels are provided in the camper as standard equipment. It might be nice to bring your own towels as you only receive one per person. If you rather receive sleeping bags please let us know.

In South Africa there any many places where you can refuel. Once you drive towards the border of Namibia (and Botswana), there will be a long distance without any petrol stations. We advise you to rent a camper with a long range fuel tank and refuel wherever possible.

If may be useful to buy yourself a cooler box for your self-catering holiday.

An awning is not included. In some cases it is possible to rent one. Please ask if you require one.

Driver's license

For South(ern) Africa you officially need an international driver's license. In practice your own driver's license will be often accepted (as long as it is stated in English), but the police may ask for it. For renting a camper your own driver's license will be sufficient.

Wild life

In the parks you always must ensure that  you keep your windows and doors closed. Also make sure there is no food in sight.